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Upon approval of your pre-application, you will receive program application forms and detailed instructions.
Submit your online pre-application form.
Upon completion of the online tests, you will receive invitation for participation in the Scientific Training and Professional Webinars (accessible to all the applicants). Selected students will be invited for participation in the Remote Academic Collaboration activities, under the guidance of Czech researchers (supervisors).
If you do not receive any reply from INCBAC to your application within 5 working days, please send an email to unigou@incbac.org providing the information requested in the online pre-application form.
Verify that you fulfil all the requirements of the program and choose a topic of interest from the list of available topics.
Send by e-mail the completed application form, together with your CV, in English.
You will be invited for online assessment tests targeting your English language abilities, critical thinking skills and general motivation.
The selection process goes as follows:
18+ years old;

English fluency;

Regular enrollment at a home university certified by MEC in an undergraduate, master or doctoral program;

Having completed at least 2 years of the undergraduate program at the home university;

Interest and motivation to commit to the Program UNIGOU Remote;

Reliability, responsibility and an ability to perform on tasks independently;

Meeting other possible specific requirements according to the selected topic of interest.
Jackeline Cristina Carvalho Ambrósio (UFSCar - Brno University of Technology)
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The UNIGOU Remote Program was established with the purpose to provide Brazilian students an opportunity for effective professional development, in the context of international environment and scientific activities. It contributes to professional skills and personal qualities of all the participants.

The UNIGOU Remote consists of the three branches – Scientific Training and Professional Webinars, available for all the students who wish to join the program, and Remote Internship activities, for selected students, who gain an opportunity to remotely cooperate with Czech academic teams and participate in their ongoing research.
Due to the limited number of the Remoted Internship Topics, all the applying students will undergo an on-line assessment process evaluating their language abilities, skills and motivation. Only selected applicants will be assigned to the Internship Topics related to their interests and study specializations. The selected students will gain an opportunity to remotely cooperate with Czech academic teams and participate in their ongoing research activities.
In the cases of the Scientific Training and Professional Webinars, both branches are granted for all students applying for the UNIGOU Remote Program. This way INCBAC assures that all the students who actively wish to improve their skills, research knowledge and gain new experience in an international context will have the opportunity to do so through the UNIGOU Remote program.
PLEASE NOTE: The UNIGOU Remote Research Practice Program is currently under preparation. Detailed information will be gradually added to the webpage within the next few weeks.
01/07 - 31/07
Online Assessment
01/06 - 30/06
Applications for the UNIGOU Remote Program
UNIGOU Remote Program Period
01/01 - 31/03
Results of the Selection Process
01/09 - 31/10
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