The UNIGOU Remote Program was established with the purpose to provide Brazilian students an opportunity for effective professional development, in the context of international environment and scientific activities. It contributes to professional
skills and personal qualities of all the participants.
PLEASE NOTE: The UNIGOU Remote Research Practice Program is currently under preparation. Detailed information will be gradually added to the webpage within the next few weeks.
The UNIGOU Remote consists of the three branches – Scientific Training and Professional Webinars, available for all
the students who wish to join the program, and Remote Internship activities, for selected students, who gain an
opportunity to remotely cooperate with Czech academic teams and participate in their ongoing research.
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All the students joining the UNIGOU Remote Program will have granted access to the Scientific Training branch of the program.

During the Scientific Training, the students will be guided towards key aspects of the academic development, research skills and scientific publishing, within international standards.

The Scientific Training will cover approximately 120 hours of engagement into active learning and academic practices, when issues such as definition of research hypothesis and research gap, formulation of research questions, literature review preparation and results conveyance will be addressed.

Each student will prepare an academic article.
Certificate of completion of the Scientific Training program, received upon proper conclusion of all the scheduled activities of the Scientific Training;

Article published at INCBAC official media;

Enhancement of academic skills of each participant, in the scope of international standards.
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Remote Internship branch of the program enables selected students to gain an opportunity to remotely cooperate with Czech academic teams and participate in their ongoing research.The Internship Topic is selected by each student during the application part of the program. The available Remote Internship Topics are listed according to field of studies at the web page.

Each selected student will be guided by a Czech Supervisor to successfully join and contribute to selected research tasks; the means of online communication are used.

Due to the limited number of the Remoted Internship Topics, all the applying students will undergo an on-line assessment process evaluating their language abilities, professional skills and motivation. Only selected applicants will be assigned to the Internship Topics and join the Remote Internship branch of the UNIGOU Remote program.

Part of the Remote Internship activities is a preparation of an Internship poster summarizing research background and developed tasks.
Enhancement of knowledge, research experienece and communication skills during an international experience;

Poster published at INCBAC official media;

Upon finalizing the scheduled activities, the students will receive an official evaluation letters from their supervisors.
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All the students who join the UNIGOU Remote Program will have granted access to the Professional Webinars branch of the program.

This branch will consist of several webinars targeting the general topics related to the personal, professional and academic development of participants, such as self-presentation and good CV preparation, presentation skills, effective time management, etc.

Another set of webinars will target the issues of different cultural aspects related to study and work abroad, challenges of expatriate students and workers, adaptation to foreign environment, etc.

Study opportunities in the Czech Republic will be presented as well.
Enhancement of general personal and professional skills applicable in academic as well as future working life of the participants;

Extended knowledge of advantages as well as challenges of study and work stays abroad;

Overview of study opportunities in the Czech Republic.
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