Topic Overview:

The development of various drug delivery systems is an area of active research. This research is focused mainly on chemical, biochemical, or physiological aspects. The movement of a delivery system in human body, to the point of the drug action is much less investigated. The drug transport to the targeted site where the drug’s chemical action should take place is essential for its proper function.


COMSOL-based theme.  Brief literature search on surviving modelling problems in drug delivery, selection of system to be modelled. Creation of a suitable (hydrogel) structure in COMSOL environment, modeling the release, study the effect of relevant paraneters on the release. Writing final report. Depending on applicant’s level and software knowledge the complexitz of the task will be precised after arrival.


Basic knowledge of equations in mathematical physics, capability of using computer software to solve these equations and basic capability of programming.


Final report on obtained results.


J.Mayr, C.Saldias, D.D.Díaz. Release of small bioactive molecules from physical gels. Chem.Soc.Rev. 47(4), 1484-1515 (2018)

Recommended for:

Students willing to work on computer. Suitable also for student of (applied) mathematics or mathematical modeling. Experience with COMSOL advantageous but not necessary.
Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry, Materials Research Centre – Laboratory of Biocolloids
Modelling of Transport Phenomena in Controlled Release
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