Abstract: The present article will discuss about The Economic Analyses of Law. How this matter arises and the impact in the contracts. It is a mix between Economics and Law and the main goal of the article is to identify different treatment in the agreement. The base for this paperwork will be a comparative analysis of the Derivative contracts based in Brazil and a similar contract in Germany. The focus will be to understand the different treatment related to clauses mentioned on that. The study will start with an introduction about The Economic Analysis of Law, how the Law and Economics arises and the impact in contracts. Second topic, a definition about derivatives and an investigation about the main difference in Master agreements in Brazil and Germany. Going further in the analysis of default clauses and the economic impact. How both countries protect themselves with this kind of contract and what is the goal of the Economic analyses versus the Law analyses. The research is based on articles, books, personal experience on the job and some jurisdiction to compare both scenarios. The main conclusion is that Brazil grantee more protection in their contracts, main related to culture behaviour, as Brazil do not have the same law protection that guarantee German law.

Keywords: Derivatives, law and economics, contract, regulation
A Comparative Law and Economics Perspective in Derivatives Contract in Brazil and Germany
(Comparison Between Master Agreement Contract)
Almeida, Fernanda
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Abstract: This article evaluates the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic impacts in a sectorial area level, specifically at Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brazil city. The collected data presented several difficulties to be gathered together, due to mistakes that were made by the local health management; besides that, statistics relied on the epidemiological bulletin daily updated by the city hall. The collected data from the local city website shows that marginalised districts suffered more infections and hospitalizations from the start of 2020 to April 2022, demonstrating the social inequalities during the global pandemic reflected into the observed city and its citizens.

Keywords: COVID-19, Uberlândia, districts, hospitalisation, infection, inequalities, social
The Impact of Covid-19 in Uberlândia: A District Analysis
Alves Carvalho, Guilherme
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Abstract: In this article it is presented an overview of the literature regarding the topic of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) and its shifting from open-field to indoors applications. The efforts to make agriculture, in all of its steps, more efficient combined with the technological advancement of the last decades led us to a situation where not only the monitoring and control of several aspects of cultivation is possible, but it can be achieved on a small scale with low-cost solutions. This increased the technological access of microcontrollers, such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, which allowed the development for academy research prototyping and emerging of novel concepts, such as smart greenhouses. With that, this literature review shows some of the recent works done by researchers, representing the possibilities of main applications in precision agriculture. The main goal is highlighting important aspects of using the mentioned technological platforms as a way of showing their relevance, and then provide further explanation on how these studies empowered the transition from field to indoors. Finally, it is concluded that technological advance has made possible the reliable control of different environments and made more accessible the research of CEA. But, on the other hand, there is still a lack of incentives for students and universities studying and solving problems to provide even more innovations regarding the field.

Keywords: Precision agriculture, Agriculture 4.0, Smart greenhouses, Microcontrollers.
A Review About the Transition of CEA’s From the Field to Indoors
Alves Feitosa de Souza, Davi
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Abstract: The melodrama is an art form defined by the joining of music with a recited text. In European music history, the genre first became prominent in the 18th century and, since then, many generations of composers and librettist contributed with melodramatic works. Over time, the methods employed for combining music with declamation became more complex and diverse, and, with that, the ways the composers write for narrator or reciter in the music score became more detailed, with more instructions on rhythm and intonation, for example. In Brazilian music history, however, the practice of combining music with a recited text in a composition is more recent, with all the examples with such practice found during the research for this publication dating from the second half of the 20th century and beyond. Nevertheless, as detailed in this article, those more recent Brazilian compositions have similarities with the European melodramas from the 18th to the beginning of the 20th century, at least when it comes to the methods employed by the composers for writing music combined with a recited text, which provides a first glimpse of the influences of the melodrama in Brazilian concert music and to what extent the melodramatic characteristics are indeed present in it.

Keywords: Music, Classical music, Melodrama, Brazilian music.
The Influences of European Melodrama in Brazilian Concert Music with Recited Text
Alves Longobardi, Alexandre
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Abstract: The Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) is a viral disease caused by a retrovirus that leads to a persistent infection, most of the times without relevant clinical symptoms, thus being an illness of great relevance for the Brazilian equideoculture due the obligatory sacrifice of positive animals, according to local legislation. The aim of this study was to analyze the frequency of animals positive for EIA from cities of Mato Grosso and Pará states of the Southern Amazonia region in Brazil during the years 2013 to 2018. Data from 31.097 exams performed in an accredited laboratory by the Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento (MAPA) were analyzed. The cumulative frequency found on the evaluated period was 0,73%, with annual frequencies of 0,81%, 0,67%, 1,15%, 0,63%, 0,64% and 0,65% respectively. The cumulative frequency of positive animals of Mato Grosso state found was 0,59%, a result that possibly indicates more efficiency of the animal health surveillance service in the region. On the other hand, in Pará state, the cumulative frequency found was 2,49%, demonstrating more occurrence of this disease in the equine herd of this territory. In that way, according to the results obtained, it was possible to verify the circulation of the EIA virus in Mato Grosso and Pará states, mostly in this last one, and to determine that public politics of animal health surveillance should be increased for a greater control of the epidemiological indices of this disease.

Keywords: Retrovirus, Mato Grosso state, Pará state, epidemiology.
Retrospective Study of Equine Infectious Anemia in the Southern Amazonia Region, Brazil, 2013-2018
Amaro Luiz, Sara Caroline
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Abstract: The first class is the first moment to execute the” praxis” as a teacher. This experience report has the objective to describe my experience on the mandatory curricular internship II of Science Biology graduation at UFG (Goiás Federal University) in the year 2022, with the purpose of reflecting on my actions and how they contributed to my teacher training. Both internship I and II are connected but I will give more emphasis on the second one, on the 3 months of course duration, on what occurred the improvement of the project that contains the teaching plan, class plan and the execution of the sexual education classes on a field school, more especially, a second year of high school class in a military school and using Paulo Freire methodology as theoretical reference and texts that discuss about dialect. During the planning and execution stage, I found a lot of difficulties that involves not just my limitations as a teacher, but impasses about the pandemic period we live in, besides the school organization what caused a lot of frustration on my first experience in class. The first experience as a teacher is something so fast and almost pass at the blink of the eye, that shouldn’t be considered as final verdict and yes as improvement of the teacher training.

Keywords: Internship, teacher training, field school, sexual education, pandemic.
First Day as Teacher
Andrade de Oliveira, Sara Gabrielle
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Abstract: Deforestation occurs, in most cases, because of the advance of agriculture, mining and wood extraction, with Pará being one of the states that most deforests, and the Ituna-Itatá indigenous land was evaluated for deforestation for a period of four years (2017/2021). The aim is to make this comparison with NDVI in a geoprocessing software, which used images from the Sentinel-2 satellite. With the results obtained, it can be verified that there really was deforestation within the indigenous territory, in an area of approximately 52 km². The largest percentage increase was in sparse vegetation, which means that the forest area became meadow. It can be understood that the NDVI can help governments and other entities to verify deforestation for management assistance.

Keywords: Deforestation, NDVI, Ituna-Itatá, Amazon Forest, Indigenous Land, Satellite.
Verification of Deforestation in Indigenous Land Using Satellite Image
Andrade de Oliveira Farias, Elana
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Abstract: This article aims to describe and analyse green infrastructure strategies applied at the urban design level, particularly the small-scale, with the purpose of landscape and urban drainage. It specifically addresses proposals for interventions on the República Argentina Avenue, in Curitiba – Brazil. Literature review and the creating of a cartographic base for data analysis was made as part of the methodology process. The design strategies proposed the readjustment of space through the implementation of small-scale green infrastructure components. The intention was that towards the reconfigurations of the spaces a more resilient path could be made, making the place more pleasant for users due to the presence of vegetation and more sustainable.

Keywords: Small-scale, green infrastructure, sustainability, revitalization.
Small-Scale Green Infrastructure Importance in Urban Drainage: A Case Study of the República Argentina Avenue, Curitiba - Brazil
Arbigaus, Priscila Maynara
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Abstract: This article is based on documentary research inside the digital archives of CPDOC from the Getúlio Vargas Faculty (FGV), concerning the Brazilian military dictatorship and Geisel´s governance (1974-1979) procedure upon denounces of violations of human rights. In 1975 those complaints reached international organizations such as the United Nations (UN) and the Organization Of American States (OAS) through a dossier gathered by International Amnesty. The methods used were Marc Bloch´s critical method, a document does not speak unless is questioned, also the work of a historian is to comprehend through an analysis. Some other articles and books were used to corroborate my arguments as well as to explain the context of the period. The material gathered as well as the documentary work helped to show that the choice of a diplomatic exit was part of a State project to undercover those crimes and to control the aperture of the regime with an iron fist.

Keywords: Human rights, dictatorship, Brazil, diplomacy, aperture.
All About Control: Political Aperture and State Project Concealing Crimes Against Humanity
Arezzo Blanco Pereira, Pilar
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Abstract: In order to solve a problem in reinforced concrete, which is the corrosion of the steel bars, Textile Reinforced Concrete (TRC) appears as an interesting new innovative building material. Unlike the concrete with fibers dispersed in the cement matrix, this type of reinforcement uses non-corrosive fibers meshes positioned in the direction of the tensile stresses, allowing to reduce the thickness of the concrete elements with high tensile strength, increasing its effectiveness. In addition to having high durability, Textile Reinforced Concrete is very easy to handle, to execute and to transport. Furthermore, it is also possible to produce concrete pieces with a better surface finish and in different architectural designs. Research on this new building material takes place mainly in Germany. In this way, we seek to further disseminate the knowledge of the TRC, so that more research is carried out, that more information gaps are explained and for more people to know their advantages and disadvantages. In this paper we want to make a brief review of the available literature on this subject, presenting the history of the TRC, its main characteristics and properties, seeking to arouse interest in this material so that it can be further developed and applied.

Keywords: Textile reinforced concrete; TRC; textile reinforcement; fibers.
Textile Reinforced Concrete: A Review
Aschebrock, Giovanna Caroline
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Abstract: This essay aims to reflect on the Czechoslovak Nová Vlna cinema movement and its opposition to the Socialist Realism aesthetic through the analysis of the film Diamonds of the Night (Démanty noci, 1964), directed by Jan Němec. This work presents a perspective on the representation of reality in the Nová Vlna movement and the construction of ambiguity in the works of Jan Němec mainly through historiographical debate and the analysis of audiovisual and literary sources.

Keywords: Nová Vlna, Socialist Realism, Czechoslovakia, Jan Němec
Dream Realism, Diamonds of the Night and the Opposition to Socialist Realism in the Nová Vlna
Azara Lopes, Alice
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Abstract: This paper intents to a critical revision of power components theories taking into account physical merits of active power and energy revenue at simultaneous consumption and generation under nonsymmetric and time-variable conditions. Using MATLAB’s tools, as Simulink, to simulate sinusoidal wave, in a prosumer model, in order to get the Root Mean Square (RMS) values for current and voltage, under frequency and amplitude varying signals, a way to measure the active power, and estimate the frequency using the zero-crossing method.

Keywords: Active power, rms, frequency estimation, zero-crossing, MATLAB.
Active Power and Energy Revenue Measurement at Simultaneous Consumption under a Prosumer Model
Ataide Gomes da Silva, Lucas Alecsander
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Abstract: This article analysed the possibility of using structural decisions for environmental protection in the Brazilian law. In this context, it was examined the concept of structural decision, environmental protection as a fundamental right, the use of structural decisions for environmental protection and Brazilian cases. The research followed the hypothetical-deductive method, analysing scientific articles and specific bibliography. The research topic is relevant because the development of society contributed to the emergence of complex litigation that demand from the judiciary more than the traditional process can offer. That is why structural decisions are an important and modern topic of study. Also, the advance of human modernization emphasizes environmental protection as an important concern, plus environmental protection is a fundamental right in Brazilian Federal Constitution. The purpose of this study is to examine the possibility of environmental protection through structural decisions in Brazilian law and to analyse Brazilian cases that used structural decisions in the environment field. In conclusion, even that there is no specific law in Brazil that regulates the application of structural decisions, there are cases in which judges applied structural decisions, aiming a more adequate solution to the cases. It was also identified cases about environmental protection in which some authors believed structural decisions were applied and others do not. It was observed as well that the discussion about structural decisions, specially related with environmental protection, is still a new topic in Brazil, that is the reason why is it not possible to find a lot of material on the subject and further study on the subject is necessary.

Keywords: Structural decisions, public policies, environment, fundamental rights, civil procedural law.
Brief Notes on Structural Decisions and Environmental Protection in the Brazilian Law
Azevedo da Rosa, Luísa
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Abstract: SCAN stands out for Scientific Content Analysis, a technique developed with the aim of revealing information and detecting if deception is present within written statements. Throughout the years, SCAN has proved its importance by being vastly used in continents such as North America, Australia, and Europe and in an expressive number of services of national and global importance dedicated to law enforcement, military intelligence, and federal agencies. This paper was established with the purpose of comprehending how this statement analysis technique is expected to perform in practice, what is offered to those responsible for interpreting written sentences, different ways of approaching Scientific Content Analysis, as well as who is currently invested in learning this tool. The constant criticism attributed to SCAN due to its supposed lack of scientific foundation was also discussed here. As the study was being conducted, it became clear that the analysis of SCAN reports and impressions of previous researchers provided lenses to understand challenges offered given the insufficient detailment of ways available for validating criteria and the absence of a theoretical support for the technique. SCAN ended up demonstrating that it is possible that previous experiences of trained professionals might influence how they analyse a statement, suggesting that the technique could have been applied in a non-standardised format, even with the help of over 10 criteria. It also indicated that SCAN could benefit from the development of a theory that supported sociocultural features and different backgrounds capable of influencing one’s organisation of sentences when providing a statement.

Keywords: Scientific Content Analysis, Statement Analysis, Content-Based Techniques, Investigation, Police Interview
Scientific Content Analysis (Scan): Perceptions about the Technique Dedicated to Detecting Deception
Barros Corręa de Lima, Letícia
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Abstract: This paper questioned the legitimation of the oppression experienced by arrested individuals in Brazil due to the loosening of their First Appearance hearings, based on concepts derived from criminological theories, especially the Labeling Approach. For the preparation of this paper, bibliographic and documentary research were used, with emphasis on official data provided by the Institute for the Defense of the Right to Defense – IDDD. It is concluded that the individuals held in custody, whose profile frequently is of poor and black young people, are labeled as deserving of blame, often for crimes for which there are no witnesses, and in the majority of the cases for crimes without violence, what legitimates the application of a stigmatizing sanction, as well as the occurrence of violence against these individuals, panorama that can be easily verified through the loosening of their First Appearance hearings.

Keywords: First Appearance Hearing, Brazil, Labeling Approach.
An Analysis of First Appearance Hearings in Brazil Under the Labeling Approach
Barroso Vieira Costa, Thainá
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Abstract: Invasive species and habitat degradation, which is promoted by the land cover change as a consequence of urbanization, are serious problems that impact the native fish assemblages in rivers and streams all over the world. Then this article promotes a bibliographic review that brought together models that predict the relation between habitat degradation and invasive species, and also studies of specific cases involving those variables, focusing on a better understanding of how the habitat degradation affects the action of invasive species over the native fish diversity, as they seem to be correlated. To determine if the impact of invasive species is enhanced by the habitat degradation or habitat degradation and invasive species are two separated impacts to the aquatic ecosystems that act separately on the native fish diversity. The present study finds out that the habitat degradation facilitates the invasion of rivers and streams by alien fish species and possibly a greater impact of them in the native fish assemblage, being the decrease of habitat complexity a factor of extreme importance in this relation. With these discoveries, more efficient management recovery plans for rivers and streams impacted by these factors can be elaborated, and strategies to preserve preserved areas as well.

Keywords: Invasive species, urbanization, habitat destruction, freshwater fish, diversity, impact.
The Role of Urbanization on the Impact of Fish Invasive Species
Boattini Gimenez, Matheus
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Abstract: As the climate changes a lot of concerns take places in the scientific world, especially the ones regarding global health. The possibility of a Dengue geographical expansion is real as the environment changes drastically, although its intensity and range depends on how damaging the change is becoming. Mediterranean Europe is one of the most suitable and probable places for the disease expansion, once it was already a carrier of Dengue infection cases before its erradication in the beginning of the 20th century. Now scientists wonder about the virus being re-introduced as the temperatures slowly suits its biological demandings for surviving and adapting. The outbreak that happened in the Madeira island in 2012 is a proof of how Aedes mosquitos populations are spreading around those lands. The virus, however, is believed to be brought mainly with travelers coming from endemic countries, as the flow of people and products became more intense and fast with globalisation. The climate approach was focused on the comparision of past, current and future temperature of Mediterranean countries. The results obtained were mostly correlated to seasonality, this meaning that the projections point to a rise of vulnerability during the summer time, independly of the intensity of future climates yet its expansion clearly depends on it.

Keywords: Dengue, Aedes albopictus, Aedes aegypti, Mediterranean Europe, dengue expansion, climate change, rising temperature.
Will Climate Change Cause a Geographical Expansion of Dengue in Mediterranean Europe?
Borborema de Filippo, Giovanna
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Abstract: In Radical Behaviorism, B.F. Skinner and M. Sidman are famously cited for their positions against the use of aversive control, maintaining their criticisms based mainly on the ineffectiveness and transience of its effects. However, later authors claim that there are contexts in which aversive control may not only be a justifiable alternative, but also effective. Among the contexts where it has been used is psychotherapy, which has several aspects within Behavior Analysis. Among them, Functional Analytical psychotherapy (FAP) is a modality of psychotherapy that uses the therapist-client relationship as the main means of intervention and resource for changing the client's behavior. In this article, two works focused on FAP (Functional Analytic Psychotherapy: Creating Intense and curative Therapeutic relationships and A Guide to Functional Analytic Psychotherapy: Awereness, Courage, Love and Behaviorism) in order to identify elements of aversive control and compare them with Skinner and Sidman 's recommendations. It is concluded that the discussion about the use of aversive control in social instances – among them, psychotherapy – is complex, and requires an understanding of the implications of each of the possible forms of control in the context of action. Thus, although Skinner and Sidman have shown a position against this form of control, the analyses carried out here suggest a discrepancy between the position of these authors and the development of functional-analytic psychotherapy.

Keywords: Aversive control, Analytical-Functional Psychotherapy, Skinner, Sidman
Aversive Control Properties in Functional-Analytical Psychotherapy Manuals and Recommendations of B.F. Skinner and M. Sidman
Bohnenberger Ruschel, Fanny
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Abstract: It is well known that each human being feels more energized at a given time of day, and is more likely to learn, to relate, and to perform daily activities on those periods. Human’s circadian preferences as well as the search for its correlations with personality traits and personal values have gained extended interest in psychology research. In this study, we provide evidences that individual differences are correlated to personal values, dark triad traits and to the big five factors of personality. This study aimed to gather evidence of validity and accuracy of Dark Triad Dirty Dozen (DTDD). Therefore, two studies were performed. Study 1 consisted of 207 people from the general population who responded to the DTDD and the Five Great Personality Factors Inventory. A principal component analysis revealed a trifactorial structure: Machiavellianism (α = 0.85), narcissism (α = 0.84) and psychopathy (α = 0.72), where these were negatively correlated with kindness. In Study 2, 300 people from the general population who answered the DTDD participated. Confirmatory factor analysis indicated that the best fit was the bifactor model (e.g., CFI = 0.95; TLI = 0.92 and RMSEA = 0.07). It is concluded that this measure presents acceptable psychometric parameters, justifying its use for research purposes.

Keywords: Chronotype, Mental Health, Personality.
Chronotype, Personality, Personal Values and Mental Health: BIG 5, Depression, Stress and Anxiety
Candida Ferreira, Ana Julia
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Abstract: In this article, the basic concepts of Quantum Computing were studied and applied to NP-hard Travelling Salesman problem. Through the tools provided by IBM Quantum and Qiskit initiative, it was able to implement it via Python libraries and Jupyter Notebook. The results were as computed for similar publications.

Keywords: NP-hard, Quantum computing, Travelling Salesman Problem
Solving the Travelling Salesman Problem on IBM Quantum®
Capra Ferrazzo, Natália
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Abstract: Corporate Social Responsibility is linked to societal issues of organizations and has been a field of promising investigation, with potential society impacts. Marketing literature is of great value to understand Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities disclosure transcending communication objectives. To explore what literature has already investigated, the author reviewed articles pertaining to the intersection of CSR reporting and marketing corpus by means of a bibliometric review and a keyword network analysis. Thus, the aim of this article is to comprehend how marketing domain could foster CSR reporting literature to be fostered by analysing the current literature configuration. Attending to this objective, CSR reporting literature is able to take advantage from marketing aspects besides communication, such as value creation and market orientation, and marketing literature can advance its effort to incorporate societal concerns to its state of the art. Managerially this word could provide both subject to achieve synergistic results in CSR actions. The results showed low volume of publication and point to some research opportunities to further investigation. The limitations of the study are linked to the exploratory approach given, suggesting future scholars to adopt different methods to achieve other objectives such as exploring epistemological roots, variables relationships and conceptual differences.

Keywords: CSR Report, Social Disclosure, Marketing, Societal Marketing.
Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure and Marketing Intersection
Cescatto Costa, Bruna
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Abstract: Also known as Social Networking Services (SNS), social media platforms have been ingrained in people's lifestyles and enterprises' business practices – and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. This paper’s objective is to verify the importance of SNS for an entrepreneur’s business success. For that, a narrative literature review was conducted. The results have shown that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) fall behind large enterprises (LE) in the usage of SNS due to lack of expertise, security risks, and fear of negative e-WOM (electronic word-of-mouth), meanwhile SMEs and LE that use SNS have been benefiting in a variety of areas, which include: performance, brand awareness and relationship with clients. The relevance of this study lies in the indicatives of an important, almost necessary, element for entrepreneurs' business success – SNS – in particular for the ones of SMEs.

Keywords: Social media; entrepreneur; SNS; SME; literature review.
Do You Need Social Media As an Entrepreneur? — A Look Into the Literature
Cordeiro da Silva, Alina Beatriz
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Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic has drawn attention to the importance of recognizing social determinants and their impact on mental health disorders. This article synthesizes main findings from recent and relevant peer reviewed studies and supranational organizations publications regarding social determinants, vulnerable groups and mitigations measures to address this issue. In order to face this challenge, it is crucial to call for an integration across disciplines, professionals in private and public services. An explicit mental health budget and research funding is imperative for a holistic approach. Not only the is no health without mental health, but consequently there is no education, no sustainable development, no gender equality and no social justice. All articles must contain an abstract. The abstract text should be formatted using 9 point Cambria and indented 16 mm from the left and the right margin. Leave 1 line of 9 pt. Cambria space after the abstract before you begin with the keywords. Leave 1 line 9 pt. space after the keywords before the main text of your article, starting on the same page as the abstract. The abstract should give readers concise information about the content of the article and indicate the problem, the method used, the main results obtained and conclusions drawn. The abstract should be complete in itself; no tables, figures, references or displayed mathematical expressions should be included. It should be about 200-350 words in a single paragraph..

Keywords: Mental Health, COVID-19, Social determinants, Vulnerability and mitigation.
Mental Health and COVID-19 Pandemic: Social Determinants, Vulnerability Factors and Mitigation Strategies
Costa Affonso, Karina
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Abstract: The lack of relevant information concerning climbing plants resulted in an ineffective collection effort for this specific habit which was neglected for a long period of time. In addiction to this fact, it’s known that the fragmentation of the vegetation takes place faster than the scientific community can gather efforts to catalogue and identify relevant information about the native floristic composition. Through the past decades this scenario has being changed due to great achievements about the climbing habit and their particular adaptions to many challenges they may face to survive in the nature. The Sapindaceae family is an essential group among the lianas as a consequence of its economic importance, but the group was chosen to carry out the study for being cosmopolitan. Comparing the data collected on online databases and the collected species -it was found that some species of the Sapindaceae family wasn’t registered to that specific area, leading to the conclusion of scarce collection.

Keywords: Cerrado, Atlantic Forest, clibing plants, vines, herbarium.
Lianas of the Sapindaceae Family in Selvíria, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
Costa Moreira, Ana Luiza
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Abstract: Also known as Social Networking Services (SNS), social media platforms have been ingrained in people's lifestyles and enterprises' business practices – and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. This paper’s objective is to verify the importance of SNS for an entrepreneur’s business success. For that, a narrative literature review was conducted. The results have shown that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) fall behind large enterprises (LE) in the usage of SNS due to lack of expertise, security risks, and fear of negative e-WOM (electronic word-of-mouth), meanwhile SMEs and LE that use SNS have been benefiting in a variety of areas, which include: performance, brand awareness and relationship with clients. The relevance of this study lies in the indicatives of an important, almost necessary, element for entrepreneurs' business success – SNS – in particular for the ones of SMEs.

Keywords: Social media; entrepreneur; SNS; SME; literature review.
Do You Need Social Media As an Entrepreneur? — A Look Into the Literature
Coutinho, Mei
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Abstract: Many academic studies have been prepared on the subject of corporeality. It is now theoretically known and understood that a student has not only a mind but also a body. A body that has feelings expresses itself and has no place in the traditional school. I see an increase in studies in this area, but I found one concept during my journey in this topic that I could not forget and there is no other concept that made more sense to the reality that I see in schools every day nowadays. The concept of the Conscious Body, seen from the perspective of Paulo Freire. Through a bibliographic review, I have investigated in which way the concept of the Conscious Body, according to Paulo Freire, has been approached in studies set on the basic school environment. What had just been a personal question turned into a restlessness, and became the very issue of this paper. I have concluded that those fighting for this matter and this perspective of corporeality are mainly in the Physical Education field. It is time for pedagogues and educators to understand that you cannot focus on the cognitive side of learning only, directing your actions merely to the mind of the students.

Keywords: Conscious Body, Paulo Freire, School, Corporeality, Education Studies.
The Concept of Conscious Body in the Education Studies: A Bibliographic Review
Almeida Carneiro, Nathalya Bianca
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