Carlos Camões
UNICAMP - Charles University in Prague
Mariana Zanetti
UNICAMP - Membrain Research Center
Antonio Lobo
UFRJ - Czech Technical University
Eduardo Guena
UNESP - Czech Technical University
USP - University of West Bohemia
Vinicius Ribeiro
UNICAMP - Technical University in Liberec
Maira Lavalhegas
UNICAMP - Czech Technical University
UNICAMP - Czech Technical University
Marcelo Prado
USP - Czech Technical University
I had the incredible opportunity to live for 2 months in the “big” Straz pod Ralskem. I was part of UNIGOU program in their partnership with Membrain Research Center.

I got to start saying that it was a short time, that actually seemed bigger due to all the amazing experiences I had, the growth that was possible to have, to all the incredible persons I’ve met, to all the great times, talks and laughs, and to how much I already miss my last “summer” vacations.

Although Straz is a small city, I had a great time over there, with incredible learning opportunities, very nice and improving environment to work, and people with big hearts and always ready to help you with whatever you might need.

The personal growth couldn’t have been bigger. I was working in a place where people live of their research and studies. My tutor had a huge knowledge in Membrane’s technology and was ready and open to share it with me, helping with everything I needed.

Also, personally, I was living in a 4 thousand people city, in the country side of Czech Republic. Therefore, my contact with Czech culture could not be deeper. I got to understand Czechs and learned how to love it.

And last, but not least, regarding UNIGOU program, I have only the best reviews. From the very beginning, since my Skype interviews, everybody was very thoughtful, helpful and supportive. No effort was saved to do the best for me and all the other interns. Besides all the support to come to the Czech Republic, to get the best positions, all the recommendations, tips and suggestions, they also took us to great places and organized fun trips. I can definitely say that you, future student, will be in great hands with UNIGOU. Not only they are completely responsible, professionals and organized, they are mainly good friends and people to trust on.

I can say this experience was the whole package! Studying, working, learning, learning a new culture, language, developing into your studying field, travelling, making new friends, and all of this followed by one important and awesome component: the amazing Czech beer ;)
What is there to say about my experience? This here is but a hopeless effort of summarizing the time I spent in Prague, for in so many different ways I've confronted the new, and I may lack the proper words to talk about it.

Who could have guessed that there is a lion at the heart of Europe? Prague is its pride and joy lying by the banks of Vltava, in nothing less than all others beautiful cities of the continent. There I've spent a little more than two wintery months, and I am already unable to forget the place.

The city itself is a beauty unique. Up from the hillsides of the castles you can see red rooftops of the quaint buildings, and the many spires and towers and bridges spreading along the river in tangled streets through which is so pleasuring to walk.

There I could feel the antiquity of the Old Continent and suddenly all those centuries of history described in books didn't look so distant. From the tales of the kings of the Old Bohemia up to the soviet's marching tanks, everything is there engraved, each quarter full of echoes of so much that has already passed.

There I was confronted by the winter, just to learn that one shouldn't be afraid of the cold. It is just a matter of dressing properly. I was also confronted by the hissing and quivering sounds of the Czech language, pragmatic as its native speakers. Curiously, to deal with the barrier of the language seems teach us a lot about our own way of thinking, and how it could be so much different. For instance, one shouldn’t be intimidated by the straight, direct-to-the-point attitude of Czech people, because it is only their way of being and they intend no offence by it. Regardless, every time I tried some gentle silliness I was surprised by a warm smile breaking from serious faces. They might be reserved and long to trust, but once that's through I found out I could make trustful, sincere friends.

As for my experience in the University, I could say it was one of great intellectual profit. More than just learning a lot, the project opened doors towards many different opportunities for my future, be it whatever it will.

Such is what UNIGOu provided me with thorough care and outstanding performance. No effort was saved when it came to making the duration of my stay be as smooth as possible, and thanks to that I could say that one with them is certainly in good hands.

I'm missing the friends I made there, the Czech beers, walking through the city, the scenario, the castles, the breads, the people from all over the world that the program allowed me to meet... Today my horizons seem wider than before.

First of all, I didn`t know many things about Prague. When I did the interview and I was accepted, I said to my friends that I would stay three months over there. So,they said to me that it is a beautiful city and I certainly should go, besides that I got there during the European summer, thus that helped. Prague was really pretty.

I stayed in the dorms which have a good atmosphere. Enjoying such as bars, supermarkets, sports courts, knowing students from different countries and czechs too. You won`t have problems with public transportation. Bus,trains and metro are rarely late. Then, you can go to the University, you can enjoy your nightlife or somewhere else.

It is a great opportunity in regarding academic experience that`s why I could improve my knowledges and upgrade my project that I did at my university in Brazil about solar energy and power plant. I studied in the Department of Electrical Engineering with Ing. Martin Molhanec. He is a good teacher and also a friendly person. With him, I learned about FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) and ontology language.

Prague has a perfect location to travel around the Europe, mainly Eastern European countries. I visited many places when I had free time. Prague has also an interesting typical food and the nightlife with great beers and it is amazingly cheap. Is it all that you need, right?

I could learn a little bit of Czech language and thus I made some Czech friends too. They are friendly and they like Brazil a lot. I am quite sure that I recommend this program for other students. At the end, you will say: Děkuji, Česká Republiko!

So there I was: bored of practicing math with letters, because let's face it, it is just too much theory in these universities of ours. Then someday, on the internet, Unigou happened; this perfect opportunity to try to learn something and actually DO something for the world.

The project I was part was one of the many I've seen on their page and it caught my attention: it was something related to medicine and engineering. I thought: what a great experience that would be. I didn't know a lot about anything actually. Let's face it: engineering students aren't experienced with anything.

And it was the most amazing experience of my life. Regarding the project itself, the accommodation, the city, the public transportation, the violent-free environment (if you are from Rio you know what I mean), the Czech friends I've made there, the food, the university infrastructure and so on.

It amazes me how much you can learn in 2 months.
PS: the beer there costs something like to 3,50 reais - 0.5 L
It was a pleasure sharing knowledge, researching and working with my supervisor and colleagues, a unique experience. It's incredible how much you can learn, and teach as well. Furthermore, knowing another culture and places is amazing! Czech Republic is a beautiful place, lovely people and amazing beer!

I hope to return and visit more places soon.

Since I got in the university, I always wanted to have an international experience. And, the UniGou program seemed to me as the best option I could have. With an academical purpose, I was part of a research in one of the most interesting subjects in my area: Steels and thermal treatment. Choosing to stay in Plzen also helped my experience to be amazing.

The city is smaller than Praha, but this made me to fell like at home. The one thousand years of history and traditions was one of the best parts of the trip. I made some good friends there and hope to come back to Czech Republic someday
Lucas Farris
UNICAMP - Czech Technical University

All the travelling starts before you arrive in your destination and it wasn`t different this time. The UNIGOU staff was so attentive to me, when I said which kind of research I preferred to work they look for a project near to my specialization, after I had some problems with the embassy, they helped me all times. Although all the trips start before your arrival in your destination, the main part is after you arrive.

The hardest thing was the language. I stayed for 2 months in Prague. The city is pretty nice, the people are more closed than Brazilian, but you can find helpful and nice people like in Brazil. Sometimes, you can feel they are little bit rude, but, actually, they don`t understand you or something like that. So, don`t be afraid because it is possible to communicate in English almost everything you need, and when you have any problem the UNIGOU staff always tries to help you.

The city is so rich with history and culture. There are good theatres and not so expensive, so you can go every week. The cinema is a little bit expensive, but it is nice also, of course, the subtitles are in Czech or Slovak, but you can watch some movie in English. There are many museums, I have been in some and I liked so much Kafka Museum and Technical Museum, the second one is so, so, so big. There are many cities to visit around the Czech Republic and you don`t have enough time o visit all, so you need to choose. And there are also many famous cities near to Prague in Europe that you can visit - like Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Krakow…

Other thing that I loved was my supervisor. She was so, so, so helpful. She tried to explain everything, so I could learn with her more than my research - both about Prague and the Czech culture. She also wasn`t native, but she had lived there for 9 years, so it is like a generation. She explained about the education in Czech and she recommended some places to visit. She was so nice.

Well, I have only one regret. I would want to understand more Czech. And, I intend to apply for the program again and as many times as I am able

At first I was unsure about going to Prague. I was afraid it would be a waste of my time, but now I can safely say it was worth it. The time I spent in Prague was very important for my personal and professional growth. I met lots of people from different cultures and made many friends.

In Praha I worked in the Department of Measures of Faculty of Electrical Engineering at CTU Prague, in the project "Small Satellite Platform". Although my graduation was Computer Science, I was able to work on the project with excellent guidance of my mentor Dr. Pačes. He provided all the materials I wanted and taught me everything I needed to learn.

Praha is a beautiful city, with very advanced infra-structure and public transports. The food is very good, and so is the beer - or as they call it, Pivo :). I enjoyed every day of my experience, and would recommend it to anyone!

I cannot explain how great the days that I spent in the Czech Republic were. I really enjoyed my stay in this amazing country, the university was very good and good rated as well, the dorm was very good also with lots of conveniences such as ATM machines, a Gym, a game room and many others. I’ve made friends from all over the world while I was living there. Prague is an incredible city full of excitement with loads of cultural and historical attractions, a very intense nightlife (not to mention the best beer in the world) good options for shopping all with good prices.

The location of the Czech Republic in the heart of Europe makes travelling a very easy thing to do. I´ve visited five other countries while I was doing the program, and another cities in the Czech Republic. Finally the UNIGOU crew is very professional and very helpful, they create group activities (non-compulsory) such as dinners , ice skating and some trips also, creating a good environment for everyone that joins the program, so for me this program is very much recommended, and if I could I would certainly do it again.

My 3 months in the UNIGOu program, working at the „Laboratory of Photovoltaic Systems Diagnostics“ in the Czech Technical University of Prague, was exactly the experience I needed to establish the bridge between my studies in Brazil and the career I always dreamed developing in Europe.

Although my studies at university provided me a strong theoretical baggage for my future career, it was only through the practical experience with photovoltaic systems and the real-world knowledge that I acquired by working with the laboratory team at the CTU, that I could improve my professional qualifications and CV to finally be able to conquer the job I dreamed about at a research institute in Germany. There is no doubt that the work experience I got during my 12 weeks in Prague played a key role for that!

Besides the great professional experience, my time at the „Golden City“ was also very good. I had already visited Prague several times before, but it was only by living there as one authentic Prague citizen, that I could experience a completely different and fascinating side of Prague, one that I would never be able to discover as just an ordinary tourist.

For the priceless work experience, the unique opportunity of living in one of the most amazing cities in the world, and for all the fun times and great friends I met there, I am very happy that I took part on this program.
UNICAMP - University of West Bohemia
I´ve been looking for challenges and something that could improve myself. I can say that I found all of it during this amazing experience of working on the project arranged by UNIGOU. Two months passed away and I can clearly notice and feel that I learned a lot during this time. Not only because of the project itself (which carries a big responsibility) but also due to the huge contact with different cultures and people whilst I was traveling on my free time. It made me think bigger and hopefully open new horizons and have new ideas for future. I would like to thank UNIGOU team very much.
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