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The Winter

The temperatures during winter time may vary considerably in different years. Usually the temperatures are found around 0 °C and some snow may be expected. In tough winters, the temperatures may drop to around -10 °C and they are accompanied by a lot of snow (in bigger cities usually less then in countryside), while in mild winters they may stay above 0 °C for most of the time. The infrastructures of the country are very well prepared for tough winters so the public transportation, roads, trains and services in general may operate normally even during heavy snow periods.  

The Brazilian students are recommended to buy winter clothes when arriving in the Czech Republic. They are both cheaper and more suitable for winter than the ones mostly found in Brazil.

Public Transportation

All big Czech cities have a very vast and well organized public transportation system, which usually covers all their area and operates 24 hours a day. In Prague there is the option of subway, trams and bus. In the other cities there is the option of trams and buses. Surely one of them will give you the possibility to get anywhere around the city.
University's Accommodation

Master students get the opportunity to live  in one of the university halls of residences. The dormitories are usually a large complex which hosts students from all parts of the world and the rooms are typically double.

The campuses of Czech universities are often not concentrated in one spot of the city, as the universities have grown and spreaded over the centuries and decades. The same applies to the dormitiries. Each university usually has several dormitory buildings in different locations with different facilities.

University's Restaurants

Masters students will get the access to the university's restaurants and canteens, which will surely help the student to spend less for food, considering that it is substantially cheaper to eat in these places. The university's restaurants offer every day several different options of main dishes and you can choose among them the one that you prefer. You also have a wide choice of salads, soups, deserts and drinks that you can add to your meal as a complement. The price of a meal will vary according to the choice of the main dish and additional complements (drinks, deserts, salads..). An average price of a meal for student, including a main dish and a bevarage is about 2.00 EUR.

Czech Republic is generally very safe place, including big cities. For example Prague (its capital) is considered to be one of the most safe capitals in Europe. The acts of violence are really rare in the town and thanks to that Czech citizens and foreigners are used to walk along Prague streets at any hour of the day or night. The same applies for the other cities. Of course, keeping some caution for possible pickpockets is always welcome in any part of the world and applies also for the Czech Republic.
Cost of living

Czech Republic is considered to be a non-expensive place for most foreigners (including Brazilians). A regular meal in a typical good quality restaurant is around 4 to 8 Euros. It is also easy and considerably not expensive to travel around to neighbor countries by train or bus. Tickets from Prague to Munich, Berlin, Vienna or Budapest are around 15 to 25 euros. Tickets for other towns in the Czech Republic are usually not more than 10 euros.

For those who are searching for rich cultural activities, the Czech Republic is a great destination. Famous for its erudition, the country boasts stunning classical concerts, operas or ballets in some the most beautiful theaters in Europe for less than 10 euros. The Czech Republic also welcomes those who are looking for a live night-life with countless pubs and clubs across the country. The entrance tickets for most of the clubs vary from 5 to 10 euros.

And last, but not least: the beer. The Czech people are incredibly proud of their beer, considered by many as the best beer in the world. In the Czech Republic it is not an overstatement to tell that beer is cheaper than water. In most of the restaurants it is true. The half-liter glass cost as little as 1 euro.