Masters Programs at Czech Republic

The Czech Republic follows the european education pattern established by the Bologna agreement:

1 - Bachelor degree
2 - Masters degree
3 - Ph.D degree

The typical Brazilian graduation diploma is recognized as "bachelor" in Europe, therefore capable Brazilian students should be able to enroll into an English Master Program in the Czech Republic, at some of the most prestigious universities of Europe.
General Information:

-  The masters programs typically begin in September and last for 2 years

-  Every year there are different masters programs available in English for foreign students at Czech universities

- Fields of interest: Engineering, Humanities, Sciences, Medicine, Law, Arts

Application, Selection Process and Documents

You should get in touch with the INCBAC here to obtain more information about the Masters Programs currently available in English in your field of studies and interests.

Each Czech university has a different selection process and specific required documents. Generally, the process for being selected and obtaining the legal documents takes about 8 months.

After the first contact with the INCBAC, you will receive in your e-mail a guideline about Masters Programs containing more information directed to your field of studies, calendar, deadlines and required documents.

Brazilian students interested in enrolling into a Masters Program at the Czech Republic must:

- Hold a certified bachelor diploma from a Brazilian university in a similar field of studies

- Attest English language proficiency (the required English proficiency test and demanded score varies with the Czech universities)

- Meet the specific requirements in accordance with the individual Masters Programs and Czech universities

INCBAC  |  Institute of Czech-Brazilian Academic Cooperation  |  Prague - Czech Republic  |  +420 245501254  |